Medical Scope Management

With the potential for wide-spread disease and the risk of infection from medical scopes, it’s crucial for healthcare facilities to have the ability to track the storage, usage and cleaning lifecycles of these devices. Our Enterprise Location Services™ enable real-time tracking and security of medical equipment, staff and patients. The improved visibility provides a means for healthcare facilities to prevent the spread of infection, reduce equipment shrinkage and improve clinical workflow.

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CenTrak’s Medical Scope Management System Solutions for Healthcare Settings

All hospitals face similar obstacles to operating effectively. One particular recurring problem is the managing and tracking thousands of mobile medical scopes and other devices. In addition to accomplishing this monumental task is the obligation to patients and staff to ensure medical equipment is kept hygienic, safe and operational.

Unfortunately, strict cleaning and storage protocols regulating the management of scopes creates an obstructed device tracking and management network compromising efficiency, patient care and safety of all those involved.

CenTrak’s medical scope management system is the most accurate, RFID-based system today hospitals rely on to:

  • Avoid unnecessary reprocessing and damage to medical scopes
  • Track medical scopes in real-time throughout their usage, cleaning and storage cycle
  • Prevent the spread of bacterial infections due to bioburden
  • Increase staff satisfaction
  • Improve clinical workflow
  • Reducing shrinkage
  • Integrate with CMMS

CenTrak’s multi-mode technology offers an innovative combination of low frequency RFID, Wi-Fi locating, Bluetooth low energy (BLE) and CenTrak’s Gen2IR™ to maximize ROI. Key functionalities of a hospital device tracking system involve tracking of contaminated scopes, instantly alerting staff if medical scopes miss a stage of the sterilization process and avoidance of non-essential reprocessing or damage to medical scopes.

Medical Asset Management and Clinical-Grade™ Visibility

Location accuracy is essential to optimizing healthcare efficiency, improving patient care and streamlining all workflow processes. With CenTrak’s Clinical-Grade Visibility technology, the ability to deliver condition updates, medical scope information and relevant data relating to interactivity among staff, patients and equipment within a few seconds means any size or type of healthcare facility receives far-reaching advantages embracing all aspects of improving patient experience and medical staff communication lines.

A hospital device tracking system supported by CenTrak’s Enterprise Location Services also offers:

  • Complete cycle tracking without gaps in visibility and across the entire medical center (GI, OR, ED, Imaging, Biomed, SPD, storage locations, warehouse, in-transit, etc.)
  • Asset tags capable of withstanding high-pressure washing and harsh disinfection chemicals
  • Rapid location and condition updates, capable of capturing interactions between medical scopes, patients and staff within seconds
  • Alerts to SPW/Scope Reprocessing staff immediately after a scope is used and placed into a soiled area so that reprocessing can promptly begin
  • Track soiled medical scopes by location and their point in the sterilization process

Learn More About Medical Scope Management

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