Hotel Panic Button and
Staff Duress Solutions for Hospitality

For hospitality providers around the world, it’s a priority to protect not only guests, but also employees. The revelation that more than 14 percent of workplace sexual harassment charges stem from the hospitality industry — and that eight out of 10 hotel workers have been harassed while on-duty — emphasize the necessity for improved security for hospitality staff. That’s why, at CenTrak, we’ve developed a trusted hotel panic alerting and staff duress solution for the hospitality market.

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Protect Staff With CenTrak’s Gen2IR™ Technology

The CenTrak solution for hospitality leverages a Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) using an active Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, Second Generation Infrared (Gen2IR), which provides hotel staff under duress the ability to call for assistance with ease and receive it without delay. CenTrak offers wearable devices with panic button alerting that will discretely summon for help. Upon this button press, a distress notification is sent to the appropriate personnel with the exact room location. This solution can operate over an existing Wi-Fi network as well as the CenTrak wireless network.

Advantages of CenTrak’s Solution for Hospitality Staff Security

CenTrak’s solution for improved hospitality staff security provides the following benefits:

Accuracy: CenTrak’s Gen2IR technology delivers room-level accuracy, 100% of the time. This feature ensures assisting staff and security arrive at the right floor the first time, preventing delayed responses and keeping situations from escalating further.

Flexibility: In the hospitality industry and many other markets, maximizing adoption rates is always a challenge. To encourage hotel staff to adopt your panic alerting and staff duress solution, we offer our product in either a badge or wristband, providing facilities the opportunity to choose the option that complements their operations.

Reliability: A challenge of solutions for hotel staff duress is a product that requires frequent replacement due to short-lived batteries. That’s why CenTrak RTLS badges and wristbands feature a long-lasting battery. A platform that provides a low battery indicator (30, 60 and 90 days in advance) is also included, providing proactive alerts to ensure the constant and reliable protection of staff.

Additional benefits of CenTrak’s solution for hospitality staff duress and panic alerting include:

Intuitive use: The simple, button design of CenTrak RTLS wristbands and badges make it easy for employees to call or cancel calls for assistance.

Quick deployment: Implementing the CenTrak solution is fast and straightforward. On average, you can install the technology in up to 200 rooms per day.

Fast updates: CenTrak Gen2IR ensures your team receives rapid, real-time location updates to deliver quick responses to duress calls.

Scalability: CenTrak’s Enterprise Location Services™ offering provides the option to cost-effectively expand the system to include asset management and other use cases.

Compliance: In recent years, local governments have implemented ordinances for hotel panic buttons, like the Hotel Workers Sexual Harassment Ordinance in the City of Chicago. CenTrak’s solution can ensure your facility is operating within compliance to provide employees with protection in the event of a threatening situation.

Learn More About CenTrak’s Staff Duress and Panic Alerting Solution

At CenTrak, over 1,700 facilities trust our award-winning solutions for their accuracy, as well as our ability to enhance the safety and security of staff. Our staff duress system is used in some of the most challenging environments including Mental Health. Experience the total benefits of CenTrak Gen2IR technology — from its intuitive deployment and use to its precise, real-time updates and visibility.