Clinical Laboratory Environmental Monitoring

Healthcare facilities and the patients who use them depend on temperature-sensitive assets to provide high-quality care. Laboratory environmental and temperature monitoring is intended to provide real-time insight into the conditions of diagnostic samples and test results located in clinical laboratories. This data helps identify potential avenues for improper storage, which provides time for staff to correct issues before contamination occurs.

For clinical laboratories, ensuring diagnostic samples and test results are kept under proper storage conditions is crucial for maintaining patient health and safety. Wherever temperature and humidity play an important role in the daily operations of your facility, environmental monitoring can help make sure all hospital equipment and healthcare materials are safe for patient use and avoid product waste. Such instances can include protecting critical reagents and time-sensitive diagnostic test results in laboratories or monitoring transplant tissues and organs while they are in-transit.

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Problems Without Automation

Manually recorded refrigeration temperatures and conditions are inherently imprecise, typically riddled with human error and may result in inconsistent data and inaccuracy. Automated environmental monitoring and automated temperature monitoring systems are user-friendly and completely customizable. Such systems allow the user to remotely monitor and document a range of information, including temperature, humidity, CO2 and other conditions crucial to patient safety and efficiency.

At the application-level, users can view refrigeration groups and receive immediate alerts when units are outside of set thresholds. Additionally, an automated system can generate a variety of reports on multiple units while displaying an example of the report prior to exporting or printing. Low-battery alerts to avoid any transmission interruptions can also be provided. Customizable alert notifications allow the user to set the parameters and set the desired alert method such as email, SMS text message, audible or visual notifications on the unit, etc.

Benefits of CenTrak’s Research Lab Environmental Monitoring

CenTrak’s temperature and environmental monitoring solution is the most accurate life sciences temperature monitoring system and can preserve important reagents and time sensitive test results in a range of commonly monitored laboratory cases. In addition to eliminating product loss, it can also meet JCAHO and CAP recommendations. There are myriad benefits associated with using CenTrak’s temperature and environmental monitoring solutions in healthcare facilities. Facilities that implement them can also enjoy:

  • Collection and onboard storage of data for one month even when out of network
  • Sends alerts when environmental conditions are approaching set parameters
  • Communicates with existing Wi-Fi infrastructure or the CenTrak-installed proprietary network
  • Low power consumption for extreme battery life
  • Customizable reporting rates

Compliance Benefits

Additionally, CenTrak’s biotech temperature and environmental monitoring solution is designed to simplify conformity with the following compliance standards:

  • FDA 21 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Part 11
  • The Joint Commission (JCAHO)
  • State Board of Health
  • College of American Pathologists (CAP)
  • American Association of Blood Banks (AABB)

Learn More About Clinical Laboratory Environmental Monitoring

CenTrak’s research lab temperature and environmental monitoring solution is available to help you get started on effectively keeping track of costs and asset conditions while promoting patient safety and safeguarding inventory. CenTrak is the systems to trust with reliable and accurate data reporting. Contact us for more information.