Nursing and Asset Management at AONE

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Tony Natale, Manager Strategic Partnerships

At the AONE (American Organization of Nurse Executives) annual meeting we expected to have lots of great conversations about staff locating and nurse rounding compliance – which we did – but there was a lot of interest in the benefit of equipment locating. Surprisingly, enhanced location-enabled asset management solutions such as PAR-level management, cross contamination alerting and unauthorized movement alerting were hot topics during this year's show. That said, I figured it would be valuable to present a quick overview of location-enabled asset management and some basic technology requirements.

What is location-enabled asset management anyway? Is asset management any different from asset tracking? Let's take a step back and define asset management vs. asset tracking:

ASSET TRACKING: Delivers basic "asset visibility". But “knowing where things are” only delivers a fraction of the potential benefits.
ASSET MANAGEMENT: Knowing assets' precise location and current status with actionable data to drive workflow. Including:
  • PAR-level management
  • Movement/Interaction Rules
  • Alerts/alarms (cross-contamination alerts, etc.)
  • Meaningful data to support process-improvement

When it comes to location-enabled asset management, the core technology is critical for implementation success. 100% accuracy and fast location update speeds are essential. This means absolute, certainty-based room-level and sub-room-level accuracy along with near immediate update speed (e.g. less than 2 seconds).

  • PAR-level management
    • Proximity of clean storage room to soiled storage room
    • Inaccurate location data = inaccurate PAR-level settings
  • Available / In Use Status
    • Asset availability can be determined with logical business rules… but only if the RTLS has location certain accuracy.
  • Cross Contamination Alerts and Reporting
    • Ensuring pumps went through the proper cleaning protocol requires accuracy.
  • Exit & PM Alerts
    • Accuracy reduces incidence of false exit alarms.
    • Deliver equipment due for PM on-time to Biomed
To learn more about asset management best practices, download this eBook:Asset Management eBook

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