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The future of healthcare security is a click away

Digital wayfinding: Improving Workflow and the Patient Experience

A safer environment for healthcare staff is within reach using real-time location technology

IoT-Enabled Location Services: Gain the Data to Enhance Hospital Operations and Patient Care

Enhancing Senior Living and Providing Independence with IoT

Nurse communication systems make strides

Using Technology to Address Challenges Exposed by COVID

Mackenzie Health leverages RTLS to create ‘hospital of the future’

Canada’s First Smart Hospital Debuts

Enhancing the Post-Pandemic Patient Experience

Enhancing the Patient Experience with Real Time Location Data

Infant protection: Advanced technology can ease the burden on healthcare security personnel

RTLS data across the healthcare enterprise

Health IT companies receiving 2021 MedTech Breakthrough Awards

National Nurses Month: Technology for Serving Those Who Serve Others

Cold Chain Collaborations a Key to Success

Temperature Monitoring Technology for COVID-19 Vaccines

The Future of Senior Living is Digital

CenTrak Differential Air Pressure Sensor

Improving Inventory Management During COVID-19 and Beyond

RTLS and the future of IoT in the Healthcare Space

Preserving COVID Vaccines: The Vital Role of Temperature Monitoring Technology

Automated hand-hygiene system evolution continues

Balancing precision and cost in RTLS

Advancing Safety and Care With Electronic Hand Hygiene Solutions

Surgical Resiliency In Surge And Shortage

A Flexible, More Affordable Approach to Location Services for Healthcare

Contact Tracing May Come of Age Thanks To Pandemic

Protect Patients and Profit with Better Hand Hygiene

Advancing Care With Location Technology

How Wake Forest Baptist Health Uses RTLS To Protect Against Communicable Disease

Focus On: Resident Security

How Real-Time Location Systems Can Boost Safety & Efficiency

CenTrak Expands Offerings With Single-Source Healthcare Solution

RTLS applications grow with hospital data needs

How Will COVID-19 Vaccines Be Distributed and Stored?

The Role of Environmental Monitoring Amidst Pandemic

Tackling the Pandemic with Environmental Monitoring

RTLS: The Intersection of Patient Experience and Facility Design

The Business Case for Infection Control

CenTrak DuraTag

How Contact Tracing Empowers Elder Living Communities

Hospital Wayfinding: The Next Frontier in Healthcare Design

The Workplace-Surveillance Technology Boom

Recovering from the effects of the coronavirus with RTLS

Your Boss Wants to Know Whether You Washed Your Hands

Technology Applications For Infection Control

CenTrak 31-Day/Single Use Patient Tags

IoT Aids in Patient Safety and Infection Control

Healthcare IoT: The Tech Enabling Real-Time Location Technology

Managing Healthcare Worker Duress with Location Technology

How Location Technology Can Ensure the Safety of Healthcare Workers

Protecting healthcare workers with location technology

This Tech Could Prevent COVID-19 Hospital Overcrowding

Location Technology: The Next Investment for Healthcare

Bar Coding vs. RFID: Win, Lose or Draw?

Combating healthcare-associated infections with advanced location technology

RTLS tech, and changes learned from it, save hospital $1 million per year

Saving Time and Money with RTLS

Location technology: The next investment for healthcare

Unique System Follows Patient Through Surgical Process

RFID Industry Predicts Growth, Diversification

RTLS Provides Wander Management at Senior-Living Facility

CenTrak Launches TruView for Seniors

New & Noteworthy: Environmental Monitoring

Fight deadly germs with smarter technology

Hand Hygiene Device Makers Expect Growth – Safety Initiatives & Clinical Acceptance to Drive Demand

RTLS Aims to Bring Calm and Order to Emergency Department

Focus On Operational Efficiency and RTLS Technology Has Given Wake Forest Baptist Health a Financial Leg Up

RFID: What’s the frequency, healthcare?

Implementation best practices: Kicking off quality and safety tech

RTLS Helps Hospital Cut Surgical Turnaround Time by 10 Percent

Hospital Builds Intelligence One RTLS Step at a Time

Location Technology: Hospitality’s Answer to Lone Worker Protection

Ensuring Physical Security of Lone Workers

Real-time locating system reduces wait times by 75% at Oregon Medical Group

Is It Time for a Better Hospital ID Bracelet?

Texas Health saves $412,000 with real-time location system

Location-based technologies: not just for asset tracking anymore

Location-based technologies: A complete infection control solution

CenTrak aids Mater Health in overhauling traditional patient call systems

Medical Clinic Cuts Patient Wait Times By 75 Percent

Automation through RTLS can transform patient care

RTLS tags: Security friend or infection-prevention foe?

Automating the Outpatient Experience with RTLS Technology

Improving hand-hygiene compliance

Technology can boost hand-hygiene compliance by 45%

RFID Technology Could Help Shape the Future of Retail

Location Technology Can Help Safeguard Hospitality Employees

Denver hospital deploys hand hygiene monitoring system to boost adherence

Awarepoint’s Assets Transferred to CenTrak Subsidiary

CenTrak Builds BLE Beacon Functionality Into RTLS Devices

Piedmont basks in biomed glory, glow

Hotels, Retailers, Offices Piloting Technology Once Aimed at Health Care

Tracking RTLS – How should providers pinpoint ROI

Hand-Hygiene Systems Provide Compliance Help

Location technology: Helping a senior living community improve resident care and staff efficiency

Leveraging enterprise location services for better asset management

The NHS system that improves efficiency

RTLS Market for health care to exceed $3 billion by 2022

Real-time Patient Tracking Helps Patients, Medical Center

Grace Medical Center Uses RTLS to Prevent Food, Medication Loss

RTLS and patient satisfaction

Piedmont Healthcare Expands RTLS to Six Hospitals

Benefits of automated laboratory environmental monitoring

Comfort, Convenience and Compliance

Sharp Chula Vista Uses RTLS to Locate Patients, Manage Beds

South Bay hospital uses a system straight out of Harry Potter

Gaining a real-time view of operations with RTLS

How wireless environmental monitoring minimizes surgical site infection risk

Efficient, effective patient monitoring is vital

Becoming a “smart hospital” with clinical-grade RTLS

Reduce wandering risk with real-time resident location monitoring

Asset, patient tracking technology jockeys for bottom-line position

Hand hygiene goes high-tech

Using a Tracking System to Improve Infection Control and Patient Outcomes

Implementing Tracking Technology To Improve Infection Control

Hand Hygiene Compliance Industry Group Formed to Lead Change for Patient Safety

Mackenzie Health’s Innovation Unit Assesses RTLS

All eyes on hand hygiene

Geisinger Tracks Patients With Disposable RTLS Wristband Tags

Asset, patient tracking systems view for dimensional expansion

Innovative Healthcare Technology is Leading the Fight Against Infectious Disease

Next-Generation Tracking

Texas Health Invests in mHealth; Enhances Patient Experience, Safety & Satisfaction with RTLS

New Cross Hospital Boosts Hand Hygiene, Efficiency via RTLS

New Cross Hospital installs location tracking technology

Grady Memorial Hospital Puts RFID Technology at Work to ‘Find It Now’

CenTrak Launches Single-Use Patient-Tracking Tag

RTLS Saving Healthcare System Thousands

Hospitals wringing big savings out of RFID, sensors

Tagged equipment, staff spur efficiently delivered healthcare

How tracking technology can better fill hospital beds

Special report: Stop equipment theft dead in its tracks

RTLS Helps Florida Clinic Maintain Small Clinic Feel

Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Finds RTLS Provides Many Benefits

Manila Hospital Slashes Infection Rate

Department of Veterans Affairs Selects HP to Help Improve Operations, Healthcare Services

RTLS to Aid Geisinger’s Hospitals in Tracking Assets

Group Health Reinvents Patient Care With RTLS

Mission Hospital Improves Equipment Utility Rate

Cook Children’s Hospital Selects Patient Care Technology Systems’ Amelior Tracker®

Hospital Infection Problem Persists