CenTrak Connect

CenTrak’s Enterprise Location Services were engineered to easily connect with front-end healthcare applications to improve the quality of patient care and clinical efficiency. The CenTrak Connect™ platform encompasses several tools to maximize your RTLS investment by processing location and condition data that enable clinical workflow automation. With this integration, CenTrak tags and sensors can communicate with CenTrak Certified Solution Provider applications, supporting use cases such as asset tracking, asset management, patient locating, staff locating, environmental monitoring and others.


Connect Core™

Connect Core™ is the heart of the monitoring applications and configuration tools hosted onsite that allow RTLS, environmental monitoring, and system status data to be received from the CenTrak infrastructure, processed, and then distributed to healthcare applications and other components of the Connect Platform.

The Connect Core Integration Bundle includes:

  • Integrate CenTrak location and condition data with Certified Solution Provider applications
  • Integration Maintenance
  • CenTrak Certified Engineering Resources
  • Configuration File Recovery through Connect Pulse™

Connect Pulse™

Connect Pulse™ is a cloud-based, real-time monitoring and management service designed to facilitate the maintenance of installed CenTrak systems. This module is available to all customers, partners, and CenTrak staff to track system health, sign up for alerts, configure sites, view historical data, and run reports.

An easy-to-use administration tool, CenTrak Pulse provides end-users with the ability to manage the overall operational efficiency of installed devices, sensors, and tags. It also provides a view of system status at a glance with an intuitive graphical interface that includes:

  • Device summary screen
  • Battery life detail and low battery indicator reports
  • Device offline indicators and critical alerts
  • View certifications and NIST expiration dates for environmental sensors and probes
  • Link to Battery ordering website

Connect Stream™

If you have multiple solution providers connected to your CenTrak infrastructure, Connect Stream™ is a RTLS enterprise data bus that maximizes the value of your investment.

The set of protocols, APIs, data contracts, services, and tools designed to promote, facilitate, and manage the multidirectional exchange of raw data, events, and context between CenTrak and its partners who possess and desire real-time information about infrastructure, tags, the entities those tags represent, and the physical and process environment in which they operate.