CenTrak offers the largest selection of tags including reusable, single use, infant, wander, and staff badges to provide customized options for all types of patients and care environments.


Asset Tags

CenTrak’s Asset Tags attach to items that need to be tracked, located and identified such as mobile medical equipment.
Asset Tags provide visibility into asset location and status,reduce time spent searching for equipment, automate PAR-level
management and reduce equipment shrinkage and rental expenses.

waterproof optional
Multi-Mode Asset Tag
Asset Tag Mini
Dura Tag
Asset Tag with Button

Patient Tags

Healthcare facilities have a critical need for the wireless monitoring of patients to ensure safety and improve workflow.
Patient Tags improve patient care and safety, manage patient wandering, and enable capacity management
and patient flow optimization.

waterproof optional
Patient Tag
Secure Tag
Patient Tag with Button

Infant Protection Tags

Infant Protection Tags ensure the safety of infants throughout the hospital,
support the correct matching of mothers and infants and respond quickly
to abduction attempts.

waterproof optional
NewBaby Umbilical Tag
NewBaby Secure Tag
New Mom Tag

Staff Badges

Today’s hospitals have a critical need to locate personnel throughout their facilities to optimize patient care and ensure the
safety of staff. Staff Badges provide visibility into staff location, ensure staff and patient safety with immediate notifications,
integrate with Nurse Call applications to automate cancellations, identify the closest caregiver, and document response time.

Environmental & Temperature Sensors

Environmental & Temperature Sensors easily monitor items that require strict temperature-controlled conditions, feature
reliable and accurate wireless temperature, humidity and air pressure sensing 24/7, and alert users when measurements
are sensed above or below set parameters.

Environmental & Temperature Sensors | CenTrak

Hand Washing Monitors

Improving hand hygiene compliance is the most effective measure to reducing the risk of Healthcare-Associated Infections
(HAIs) to both patients and healthcare staff. Hand Washing Monitors proactively increase compliance, reduce HAIs,
length-of-stay and associated costs, improve clinical workflow, automate compliance reporting, and identify areas of concern
through comprehensive analysis tools.

External Hand Washing Monitor
Integrated Hand Washing Monitor

Location Services/RTLS Infrastructure

CenTrak’s RTLS was designed to be easy to install with battery powered infrastructure
offering Clinical-Grade Locating performance.

LF Exciter
BLE Beacon

CenTrak Security Infrastructure Components

CenTrak’s Security Solutions support infant protection, wander management and asset security. Protect patients with
multiple alerts and alarms, controlling access to doors and elevators, integrating easily with other security and access
control systems in place.

Security Infrastructure
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