Logistics and Service Automation
with OnDemandOrder

Every day, frontline caregivers in hospitals need specific types of medical equipment, personal protective equipment (PPE) and other ancillary services to provide care for their patients. Not having quick access to retrieve needed equipment from a storage location or a way to efficiently request items from the equipment management team, or other service providers (such as EVS technicians), can lead to delays in care, increased costs and decreases in staff and patient satisfaction.

CenTrak solves these challenges with a simple yet powerful, easy to use web-based application – OnDemandOrder.


Optimize Healthcare Workflow for Equipment and Service Requests

CenTrak’s OnDemandOrder is a web-based portal designed to streamline and simplify clinician’s requests for mobile medical equipment and other support services across the healthcare enterprise. OnDemandOrder can be used as a standalone SaaS solution or integrated into a more robust real-time location system (RTLS) to automate procurement when supplies fall below PAR levels.

The portal is accessible on all web browsers, as well as a mobile application, and enables a variety of use cases for healthcare employees. View OnDemandOrder in action. The ordering tool’s user interface features customizable product categories, such as mobile medical equipment, PPE, and environmental services. It enables staff to define the urgency of each request and view the status of their orders in real time. Requests are immediately routed to delivery teams via the mobile application and prioritized for fulfillment.

When integrated with RTLS, OnDemandOrder automates service work assignments such as PAR level replenishment, the retrieval of soiled equipment, and patient room turn-over services. Using Asset Management as an example, supply chain managers and other healthcare administrators can use the system’s advanced reporting and analytics capabilities to identify inefficient workflows or inventory utilization. Analysis of requests via OnDemandOrder allows healthcare facilities to adjust inventory levels according to where and when mobile medical devices are needed most.


OnDemandOrder – How it Works


Centralize requests on an easy-to-use portal. Create on-demand and scheduled requests. Requests can be automatically generated from equipment alerts, monitored sensor conditions and other systems including EMRs.


Use evidence-based data for future planning with historical analysis, demand and forecasting and resource planning tools (e.g., preventative maintenance completion percentage, equipment utilization, patient satisfaction, etc.).


Automatically assign and dispatch work to an available technician with the appropriate skill level and availability on their mobile device. Track requests with real-time notifications. Monitor PAR levels and equipment utilization. Use RTLS technology to accurately locate mobile equipment and monitor inventory.


Automate workflow processes with a configurable rules engine. Define and standardize prioritization. Monitor and analyze workflows to ensure key decision makers receive alerts and make timely corrective action.


Manage exceptions and provide immediate status updates to requesters as technicians complete assignments on mobile devices. Automatically check exceptions against user-defined KPIs and receive notifications when an exception requires immediate attention.

Benefits of Automating Equipment Distribution and Service Request

To meet increasing patient volumes as well as higher expectations for the patient experience and satisfaction, healthcare facilities need to identify and eliminate waste, reduce liability and create greater overall efficiencies. With CenTrak’s OnDemandOrder, streamline and optimize requests, equipment distribution and workflow for all departments of hospital operations and support services.

Situational Awareness — Gain Real-Time Situational Awareness & Operational Intelligence

Enhanced Communications — Connect Operations & Support Services Departments

Improve Utilization — Optimize Equipment Distribution to Increase Equipment Availability

Reduce Lost Assets — Implement an Equipment Loss Prevention Strategy

Improve Speed of Care — Reduce Request Fulfillment Time

Timely Service — Increase Service Completion Rates

Rightsized Equipment Fleet — Eliminate Overbuying & Optimize Forecasted Purchase Needs

Infection Prevention  — Reduce and/or Eliminate Cross-Contamination of Soiled Equipment

Preventative Maintenance  — Stay in Compliance with PM Schedules

Enhanced Satisfaction  —  Easy to Use Portal for Quick and Efficient Patient Care Support

Learn More About CenTrak’s Equipment Distribution and Service Request Platform for Healthcare

CenTrak’s Asset Management and Service Request platform, OnDemandOrder, can help your healthcare facility determine: How many requests are coming in? What type, when and from where? Are you properly staffed to meet demand? What is being delayed and why? Are you compliant on PM’s? Are you maximizing reimbursements? Where are available assets? Are you losing valuable assets? Is equipment being hoarded? Are you overbuying equipment? Are you meeting your SLAs? How responsive are you to your customers?