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CenTrak improves healthcare operational workflow and the quality of patient care via the industry’s most reliable and scalable Enterprise Locating and Sensing services. It’s more than just a hospital tracking system – it provides actionable location and condition data across the entire healthcare enterprise.

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Why Choose Us?

As a leading provider of Enterprise Locating and Sensing Services in healthcare, CenTrak delivers a solution which is unmatched in accuracy, speed, performance and power efficiency to benefit medical staff, patients and their families.


CenTrak provides real-time visibility into the location of patients, staff and equipment, making it easier for care teams to work together and deliver optimal patient support. This collaboration drives improved patient response time and care, ultimately enhancing their experience.


CenTrak technology automates manual tracking systems in clinical operations, providing location and time-specific data. Automating the data collection of clinical events and patient-staff-equipment interactions provides more efficient care as well as tools for future analysis.


The ability to define the clinical area based on the facility’s specific requirements is most useful for medical applications. CenTrak delivers 100% accurate location data covering zones such as nursing stations, hallways, rooms, beds, bays and even chairs.


The best RTLS systems work with existing hardware and software making it easier to parse together all of the data needed to make decisions. CenTrak integrates easily with over 130 healthcare applications.

Transforming Patient Care

As the 2019 KLAS® Category Leader, CenTrak has more enterprise-wide deployments than any other RTLS company in the industry.
Today, there are over 1,700 healthcare facilities using CenTrak’s location services.