Ari Naim

President and CEO / Co-Founder

Ari Naim

Dr. Ari Naim holds advanced degrees in electrical and computer engineering from Drexel University. He is an expert in all aspects of complex electronic product design and high volume Far East production.

Isreal Amir

CTO / Co-Founder

Israel Amir

Dr. Israel Amir is responsible for new product introduction, system engineering, electronic hardware design, algorithms development, as well as mass manufacturing and intellectual property.

Gideon Naim

Chief Operations Officer / Co-Founder

Gideon Naim

Prior to co-founding CenTrak, Mr. Naim co-founded Digital 5 in 1994 to commercialize portable chip based recording technology.

Karups Annamalai

VP, Engineering / Co-Founder

Karups Annamalai

Karups Annamalai brings with him over 20 years of engineering and management experience in the handheld consumer electronics field.

Chief People Officer

Nancy Adams

Nancy is a driving champion of organizational performance, a culture architect, and a master of attracting and retaining top talent.

Wil Lukens

Chief Commercial Officer

Wil Lukens

Mr. Lukens has over 20 years of successful execution in high tech, business development and sales management roles.

Chief Financial Officer

Stu Strauss

Mr. Strauss is a strategic finance partner with over 20 years of corporate finance and consulting experience.