What software do we use with your products?

To ensure that an RTLS platform is scalable for future use-case deployments, the infrastructure must be flexible. Investing in an infrastructure that is only compatible with one application can be restrictive and costly. CenTrak’s open platform allows healthcare organizations to benefit by location enabling the solutions they already own, maintaining control at a lower cost than competing offerings that force the purchase of a specific application. To date, CenTrak has integrated with over 150 different solutions, including leading nurse call, CMMS, ED, OR, and EMR technologies.


What is the accuracy of your system?

CenTrak defines accuracy based on the needs for each facility. Knowing if an asset, patient or staff member is in the clinically-meaningful zone required – whether that be a building, unit, room, bed, bay, shelf or chair – should drive the Location Services technology deployed. This scalability allows CenTrak to meet a variety of operational requirements. CenTrak’s Clinical-Grade Locating™ facilitates the collection of clinical milestones and supporting workflow use cases that impact the patient experience.

CenTrak’s Multi-Mode infrastructure utilizes various technologies, tailored to the needs of multiple healthcare departments, and providing optimal coverage for Enterprise Location Services. The infrastructure is capable of addressing typical asset management challenges as well as complex workflow use cases. Presence detection is delivered via the use of BLE beacons. Tags can be located at zone level using the healthcare providers existing Wi-Fi network or an active-UHF network. For room-, sub room-, and bay-level locating. CenTrak uses patented Second Generation Infrared (Gen2IR) devices. Gen2IR Virtual Walls can be deployed in areas where threshold detection is needed. Low Frequency choke points are installed wherever necessary to provide egress detection, shelf-, chair-level accuracy (e.g. for use in oncology centers), or to enable dispenser-level hand hygiene use cases. Fixed or mobile passive RFID readers can provide similar locating for very small assets, consumables, specimens, etc. that require passive tags.


Is line of sight required between tags and infrastructure?

CenTrak’s patented Second Generation Infrared (Gen2IR), and Low Frequency (LF) devices do not suffer from line of sight issues. Unlike legacy infrared, direct Line-of-sight is not required as tags can sense CenTrak’s technology from any direction, even under blankets or clothing. Additionally, the accuracy/performance of Gen2IR is unaffected by external sources of infrared as CenTrak’s technology filters out sunlight, fluorescent lighting, etc.


Do your products cause any equipment interference or safety issues?

CenTrak Asset, Patient and Staff tags will not interfere with any medical equipment. CenTrak currently has over 4 million IoT devices in use at hospitals and has never received any reports of interference with any piece of equipment or handheld electronics. CenTrak devices also do not cause any issues to patients or staff who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have internal medical devices such as pacemakers or stents.


Are there infection control risks with using your tags? How are they cleaned for re-use?

Gen2IR tags are uniquely impervious to water, steam sterilization, and high-level disinfection, making them ideal for patient locating and other advanced use cases where infection prevention is a concern. In addition, CenTrak offers specialized tags without any seams, eliminating all bioburden risks; the fully sealed tags are completely submersible and able to withstand high-pressure washing and harsh disinfection chemicals.